Pulse shape of ultrashort intense laser reflected from a plasma mirror

[Chinese Optics Letters]    2018 第 10期
作 者 | Xulei Ge; Xiaohui Yuan; Yuan Fang; Wenqing Wei; Su Yang; Feng Liu; Min Chen; Li Zhao; Zhengming Sheng; Jie Zhang  
标 签 | 320.5540, 320.7080, 350.5400.  

摘 要 |

Abstract | The temporal profiles of high-power short-pulse lasers reflected from self-induced plasma mirrors (PMs) were measured with high temporal resolution in the sub-picosecond window. The leading front shape of the laser pulse is found to depend sensitively on the laser fluence on the PM surface. Spectral modulation plays a key role in pulse profile shaping. Our findings will extend our knowledge on properly using PMs.

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