Dynamical analysis of the effect of elliptically polarized laser pulses on molecular alignment and orientation

[Chinese Optics Letters]    2018 第 10期
作 者 | Jingsong Liu; Qiyuan Cheng; Daguang Yue; Xucong Zhou; Qingtian Meng  
标 签 | 320.5390, 020.1670.  

摘 要 |

Abstract | In this Letter, we study the molecular alignment and orientation driven by two elliptically polarized laser pulses. It is shown that the field-free molecular alignment can be achieved in a three-dimensional (3D) case, while the field-free molecular orientation is only along the x and y directions, and that the field-free alignment and orientation along different axes are related to the populations of the rotational states. It is demonstrated that changing the elliptic parameter is efficient for controlling both in-pulse and post-pulse molecular alignment and orientation. The delay time also has an influence on the field-free molecular alignment and orientation.

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